Monday, January 9, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday: A Tale of an Internetless Penguin

Well, my winter break has come to an end. I divided my break time between Mom's place and my fiance's place, and left my apartment mostly abandoned. I finally returned home yesterday to find that my Internet is down--see how everything goes to hell when I'm not around for awhile? Anyway, the tech guys are coming tonight to figure out what the problem is. For now, I have to deal with being on a very slooow school computer. I hope you'll forgive the sparse nature of this week's Misc. Monday.

First of all, I saw Once Upon a Time last night. It was the first time I'd really watched ANY TV in about three weeks. It was a good episode. Not great, not my favorite, but certainly better than a lot of other crap I've sat through for other shows. I like that the show takes the time to give background stories--fairly sympathetic ones--to it's villains. I like the character driven nature of the show, and the fact that the story itself can move slowly without being boring.

I also saw the season premier of Downton Abbey. I got addicted to that show last year when I found it on Amazon. It's the story of a wealthy English family and their servants. Season one spans the time period between the sinking of the Titanic and the start of World War 1, and it seems like season two is very focused on the effect the war has on everyone. I love it! If you like historical dramas, you should check it out.

Finally, I'm making a sincere effort to amp up my reading--hence this past week's poll question. The most popular answer was 51-100 books in a year, which made me feel pretty good about myself. Last year, according to goodreads, I read 98 books. I'm sincerely impressed by anyone who makes time to read more than 100. I challenged myself to read 112 this year, and I have a feeling it's going to be a close call. Josh is always teasing me that I read slowly, and he's absolutely right. I argue that I read thoroughly, and thus retain more. But, given the monstrous size of my TBR pile and all of the books that I want to review, I think it's time that I stepped up my game a bit.

Speaking of reviews, this weeks poll question asks how you feel about DNF (did not finish) reviews. Do you want to see analyses of books that the reviewer failed to complete, or not? Does it depend on the situation? Don't forget to vote! Thanks, and Happy Reading!


  1. I've heard that Once Upon a TIme is a good show, I haven't watched any episodes though, I might catch them when I'm in the mood for a new series on Netflix :D I love watching a series with episodes back to back, I get so much more into it that way.

    I give kudos to those who can read 100 books too ,good luck with your goal! I read about 50 books a year - 2011 was a great year book wise for me - I had the blog adding pressure to read more! LOL SO this year I decided to up my goal even more this year, to 60 I think? Maybe 75? I think remember now.. haha

    Have a great week and thanks for dropping by my blog :)

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

  2. Good luck on your goal. You can totally do it. I am trying for 120 books this year. Crossing my fingers on that one. lol.

    I tried watching Once Upon a Time but I couldn't get into it. I think I have been more picky on the shows I watch this season because I have less time.

    Jennifer @

  3. Fireflywishes--I definitely agree with you about waiting to watch an entire season of a show--it can be a more involved experience. When I got into Supernatural, there were 4 seasons already available, and I watched them over summer break in a two week long orgy of TV.

    Jennifer--I almost went for 120, but I felt like that was just slightly too ambitious for me! Good luck!


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