Monday, January 23, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday: The Acquisitive Penguin

Raymond M. Blasco, M.D., Memorial Library
In last weeks poll, I asked you guys where you get your books, and today I thought I'd share where I get mine. The most popular answer, by the way, was "order them online" which seriously doesn't surprise me. With gas prices high and everyone busy working overtime, the convenience of shopping online is way too good to pass up. And for me, there are some books that I just can't find any other way.

The truth is, despite the fact that most of my book shopping is done virtually, I love exploring shelves of physical books and finding hidden treasures. The building you see in the picture is largely responsible for that addiction. This is my library. It was built when I was a kid, to replace a very old and crumbling library that I don't remember. All I can say is that visiting a brand new library, one that was filled with books both new and ancient, permanently instilled a love of reading in me. It also happens to be right on the lake, which makes for gorgeous views.

These days I try to get as many of my books from the library as I can. Their YA section is, for whatever reason, particularly well stocked. New paperbacks or anything from a new author is a lot harder to find, so that's where the internet comes in. When all is said and done, my TBR is always alarmingly full, which makes me very happy.

Do you have a special place for acquiring books, physical or virtual? Share with the group!

This weeks poll question asks about author behavior. Many authors have a great online presence, treat their fans very well, and handle themselves with grace. But every now and then, an author will do/say something offensive (occasionally just plain crazy). And some authors really aren't online at all. So this weeks question asks, does that matter to you? Does a positive online presence draw you more toward reading someone's books? Do negative attitudes put you off? Or do you not care either way? Take a second to vote, on the right side of your screen, and next week we will discuss the results. Happy Reading!


  1. I'm so glad for online shopping because there are so many books that we don't get fast enough in Australia. And others which are astronomical in price at the book store. I am at the library all the time:) It's funny that this week's question centers around author behaviour because lately, I've read and seen authors do some really far out stuff.

    1. Lan, that is exactly why I'm asking this question. A majority of authors are fantastic to their fans, online and otherwise. But then I saw some things last week from authors that just caused me to lose all respect for them--and in several cases I have her book on my wishlist. How do I respond?

  2. Happy Monday. :)

    I love my library, although lately I've been using their digital download services more than the actual building - it's impossible to beat the ability to sit on my couch and download ebooks and audiobooks...especially since there are no late fees! ;)

    I actually work in a book/craft store, so technically I have lots of options there, but the fiction isn't really to my tastes so I end to go the ebook/online shopping route when I decide to purchase a title.

    1. Our library is just now starting to build up it's digital selection. I have to admit, I haven't explored it much yet, but it does sound incredibly convenient.

    2. Ours is growing rapidly, and it is wonderful. Crazy convenient, and of course FREE is the perfect price tag in this economy! I struggle a bit with guilt over not support my brick-and-stone library with actual visits, but then I go get an armload of real books...take them back a week late...use all my lunch money to pay fees...and yeah. I'm happy with the digital. ;)

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