Review Policy, Rating System, and Contact Info

Types of Books That I Review:

Primarily: Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy (Rougly 2-3 each per month)

Occasionally: Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Classic/Epic Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult (any sub-genre) (Roughly 1 each per month)

Rarely: Romantic Suspense, Historical Fiction, "Chick Lit", Graphic Novels/Comic Books (Roughly 1 each every other month)

Almost Never/Never: Nonfiction (including biographies and memoirs), Mystery, Children's Literature, Middle-Grade Books, Short Stories (under 100 pages). (Possibly 1 each per year)

Please note that if you are requesting a review for a book in the "Occasionally" or "Rarely" category, you may have to be put at the end of a line (i.e, the review will not come out for several months). I may still be interested in reviewing your book, just not right away.

At this time, I am not accepting review requests for anything in the Almost Never/Never category. If I choose to break pattern and review one of these books, it will be a book of my own selection. 

How to Contact Me:

To contact me about reviewing a book, email me at

Important Notice: My primary email address changed as of 8/12/2012.  For your convenience, please make sure that you are using the new address listed above. As a precaution, I will be occasionally checking the old addresses for the next several months, but the message will reach me much faster if you use the updated address! Thanks!

Please include "book review" in the subject line. Include the name of the book, author, genre, and a blurb or summary. 

What to Expect:

An honest, analytical review, which includes both positive and negative aspects of the book. On average books receive a 3/5, but even bad books usually get one or two positive comments. Likewise, even good books receive a few criticisms.

I rarely fail to finish a book, but when that happens the book receives a DNF instead of a grade, and the review will include how much of the book I read and why I chose to stop. Please note that I prefer not to review or comment on books that I finish less than 50% of, unless I'm specifically asked to.

Books reviews are written the same day or the day after I complete the book. ARC book reviews are posted the week before or the week of the book's release. If you would like my review to be posted on a certain date, for a blog tour or any other purpose, please let me know at least one month in advance so that I may plan appropriately.

My Rating System:

5 Stars: A superior book that I enjoyed very much and highly recommend, with no flaws worth mentioning. (5 star example)

4.5 Stars: A superior book that I enjoyed very much and highly recommend. Contains one or two minor flaws worth mentioning, but that do not detract from the story.(4.5 star example)

4 Stars: A great book that I enjoyed and would recommend. Contains one noticeable flaw or several minor flaws that detract slightly from the story. (4 star example)

3.5 Stars: A great book that I enjoyed and would recommend. Contains several noticeable flaws that detract slightly from the story. (3.5 star example)

3 Stars: A good book that I recommend under certain conditions. Good elements outweigh bad elements.(3 star example)

2.5 Stars: An average book that I neither recommend nor caution against. Contains an equal number of good and bad elements. (2.5 star example)

2 Stars: A bellow average book that I don't recommend. Bad elements outweigh good elements. (2 star example)

1.5 Stars: A book of poor quality that I do not recommend. Only a few positive elements. (1.5 star example)

1 Star: A book of very poor quality that I caution against reading. No positive elements worth noting.(1 star example

.5 Stars: A book of very poor quality that I caution against reading. No positive elements worth noting. May have content that I find offensive.


Do you accept self published books? 


Absolutely! I treat self published books exactly the same as all others.

What formats to you accept?


I strongly prefer mobi/Kindle books. I can also accept PDF or print copies.

Do you participate in blog tours?


Yes, but I need a lot of advanced warning. I try to plan my posts several weeks or even a month in advance, so please take this into account when asking me to participate.

 Do you do guest posts/author interviews?


Maybe. I consider this a review blog, and I strongly prefer to personally write a review. However, exceptions can be made in cases where I would like to promote a book but cannot make room for a review.

Will you post my cover reveal/book trailer/banner/etc.?


At this time, no. I'm happy to include whatever content you request along with my post or review, but I will not post such things by themselves. The reason for this is that for me, posting a cover or trailer alone feels like fluff.

I emailed you, and you never responded. Why do you suck like that?

First of all, I'm really sorry. I always try to at least answer review requests or other communications, albeit sometimes a day or two late. But if two days later, there's still no response, it's probably because

1) I never got your email. Please make sure that your using This is my primary email and is considerably less glitchy than any of my other accounts. Go ahead and send it a second time, just in case.

2) You never got my reply. This has been happening a lot with my yahoo account--I have no idea why. Again, use, and just let me know that you haven't heard back. You can also contact me on my facebook page, which you'll find HERE, or my goodreads account, HERE.

3) I don't like you and I don't want to talk to you. Or, put another way, I found your email rude, offensive, or spammy, and I don't respond to such things.

You agreed to review my book, but I never saw a review. What gives?

Two possibilities--

1)I'm late in posting the review. This happens because, sometimes, I'm a busy and scatterbrained penguin. If you think I've just forgotten you, email me a gentle reminder or two and I'll get back to you.

2) I DNFed your book. You can keep track of books that I fail to finish on my Goodreads account (here). For more on my DNF policy, see the question below.

What is your policy for books that you cannot/do not finish?


If I complete more than 50% of the book, I post a DNF review. I try to be as fair and honest as possible. I don't assign it a star rating, and I don't put the review on Amazon/Goodreads/anywhere else. If you would prefer me not to post a DNF review, please make that fact clear in your review request, and I will honor your wish. Otherwise, by requesting a review, you accept the possibility of a DNF review.

Books that I fail to complete 50% of do not receive a review, or any comment at all, unless you specifically ask for such a post.

What happens when you really hate a book?


It's rare, but it happens, and when it happens I become pretty vocal about it. I cope with bad books with a lot of jokes and a little ranting, both while I'm reading and in my review. If the remote possibility of this bothers you, please do not request a review.

What happens when you really love a book?


When a book has that magic 5 star quality (or close to it), I try my best to make sure that everyone I know gets to read it. That means a positive review, both here and anywhere else I can think to publish it, and a lot of word of mouth promotion. I've also begun adding exceptional books to our Reading Penguin Recommends page, which is becoming something of an awesome book hall of fame.

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