Monday, October 3, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday: Gnomes and Other Magic Acquaintances

Welcome again to Miscellaneous Mondays, the post where I share my non-book related thoughts and activities.

Meet Krebs

Krebs is my very own foot gnome (named after the Krebs cycle, because I'm a geek). He's been with me for several years now, and is my favorite tattoo.

I don't think I've had a chance to mention my love of tattoos on this blog yet. I really, really love getting tattooed. Fortunately I have good restraint (and limited financial means) so I'm not covered in them. At present I have four small tattoos, one of which matches my mother's. Have I ever mentioned how awesome my mom is?

Anyway, I have these girlie little tattoos, and I get asked about them a lot. First, everyone always wants to know if they're real. I guess because I don't seem like the type to have real tattoos? Then everyone always asks "Did that hurt?" Which strikes me as silly; it's done with a needle, of course it hurts a little. Truth be told, Krebs is the only one that really caused significant pain. Turns out there are a ton of nerve endings in your feet, especially near your toes.

You'd think I'd have a penguin tattoo by now, but sadly, I don't. I'm pretty sure that will be my next one, if I can ever settle on a design.

Episode 2 of The Secret Circle...

Was bland. Seriously, nothing of particular interest happened in this episode. It rehashed the same issues and situations from episode one. It was all filler and repetition. Very poor writing. I understand that not every episode of a show can be filled with big revelations and intrigue, but I do expect a little more effort than this. I'm hoping that, because this episode ended with the introduction of the new status quo for the circle, that the next few episodes will have better, more self-contained plots.

Supernatural, Season 7, Episode 2

This one was super angsty. We have the apparent death of a much beloved character, all kinds of psychological torment for everyone, plus possible references to self-mutilation. Oh boy. Now, one of the things that makes this show work for me is that it can have story arcs that are very serious and emotional, but also occasionally have some humor and silliness. I'm really, really hoping for a little silly to balance out the angst sometime soon.

 Frankie and Lagoona

It's official, I'm collecting Monster High dolls.

I just found Frankie Stein on sale at target. Josh and I had an extensive discussion on whether she is the daughter of Frankenstein or Frankenstein's monster.

Lagoona Blue was an early birthday present from my mother. I like her particularly because she is wearing a lab coat.

To finish off this week's miscellaneous Monday, have a video.


  1. What a fun post. I do a misc Monday blog too! I am one of those people who is deathly afraid of the tattoo pain :(

  2. Thanks Lan. And don't feel too bad about your tattoo fear. Everyone has different feelings about needles and such. I've never minded getting shots or that sort of thing, for example, but my brother practically has to be sedated for a flu shot.


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