Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Couple of Reviews: Time Travel!

Welcome to A Couple of Reviews, by Penguin Egg Production! This is an idea that Josh, my wonderful fiance and sometimes proofreader, decided we should embark on. The basic idea is that we watch and review two dissimilar movies that happen to have one unifying factor--be it a theme, an actor, or whatever. It's a fun way for us to discus the movies we inflict on one another enjoy together. For our first video we reviewed The Time Traveler's Wife and Terminator. Enjoy!

To anyone artistic out there, our blip.tv channel requires a title card! Special love and brownie points (and possibly a small prize) will go out to the follower that comes up with something we love. It must say "Penguin Egg Productions" and can have any clever associated drawings. Please direct ideas to cmspencer8@yahoo.com. Happy Reading (and drawing).

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