Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On Widows: A Review of Bring Him Home by Karina Bliss

Bring Him Home
Okay, so I know you guys are used to me mixing it up a lot on this blog. I rarely do two books in a row from the same genre, let alone from the same author. Meet the exception to the rule. I read these books so that I could participate in the SBTB book club chat (the transcript of which can be found HERE, if you're curious). I won't bore you with a long review, but I want to make sure you all understand how awesome this series is and why you need to read it.

Claire is a widow. Nate was her husband's best friend, and the last man to see him alive. Since he resigned from the military, Nate has struggled with guilt over what happened during his last deployment, and as a result has withdrawn from all friends and family. But when Claire asks him to come home to sort out some legal matters, he can't say no. The experience forces him to see Claire in a new light, and the two start on the road to healing and love.

Positive Comments

Both main characters are likeable, and their relationship feels very real. The romance develops slowly, but the pace is appropriate given their history. The emotions are vivid and stunning. There are all of these wonderful moments of sorrow, horror, joy, and humor.

The book is chalk full of other great relationships--friendships, bromance, mother/son, and so forth. Bliss has a talent for making characters that act like people who you would want to be friends with.

Critical Comments

The ending is incredibly rushed. There's a "twist" that comes late in the story, and it's HUGE, and it's resolved in like ten pages when it needed a hundred. That is literally my only complaint about this book, but it's a big one.


This is my second favorite of the Karina Bliss books I've read, with Here Comes the Groom in a solid lead. I like the emotion and the sincerity. I like how Bliss handles difficult issues and still makes you feel good at the end. I highly recommend her work. 4 stars for this book.

Bring Him Home (Harlequin Superromance)


  1. I've never heard of Karina Bliss before but I'm a big fan of those slow burn romances and love finding characters you'd really like to know in real life. Just added this one to he shopping list :) Thanks!

    1. Karina Bliss is seriously so awesome. Definitely recommend her!


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