Thursday, February 2, 2012

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Q: Define what characteristics your favorite books share. Do they all have a kick ass heroine or is the hot love interest the Alpha Male?

Great question! Ok, I'm a pretty diverse reader, but I'd have to Whether it's romantic love being discovered for the first time, or old flames coming back between friends, between brothers and sisters, the love of a parent for a child. I really love reading about relationships and how they influence character development and vice versa. Throw that on top of a great plot and you've got yourself AT LEAST a 4/5 from me. Those kinds of relationships are insanely hard to write, so I have a deep respect for them.


  1. people seem to enjoy the chemistry with characters C:

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  2. Aww, I like your answer. Love is important in a good book, for sure. Old follower.

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  3. Ooh good answer. I love love. LoL. The devotion that people can have for each other is amazing.

    Tara @ Shhh... Not While I'm Reading

  4. I like that you mention love in all aspects, not just between a guy and girl. Romance is always a top favorite of mine and like you instalove for this girl!

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  5. Those are great qualities to prefer in your books!;) I love romance especially, and character development is a big thing for me!;)

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  6. Oh, I HAVE to have love in my books. No romance? Sorry, I probably will not love your book so much. I can't help it that I have a lack of romance bone in my body that NEEDS to be fed with amazing books! Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower! New follower here also.
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  7. You're so lucky you're such a diverse reader! :) I think it's important to realize all the aspects of love just like you said!
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  8. ooooo I love love, If a book has a least a bit of romance in it I enjoy it that much more. Following back =D
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  9. Nice answer! Love is a must when I read a book.
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  10. I'd like to say I am interested in book for more than love, but I don't think that would be true :) Normally it's the character relationships which draw me to a book and the scenes with love interests are the ones that keep me glued to a book as well.

  11. Great answer! The relationships being built in the book your reading is so important.

  12. Wonderful answer! I love to watch love build in relationships! It is one of the most satisfying parts of reading. :)


  13. OOh nice answer!! Like the building of relationships vs insta love!

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  14. That's really a great answer. A good story about people is nice but well developed emotion-enducing relationship send them over the edge. : )

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  15. I have a weakness for love too. :) Thanks for stopping by.

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  16. Great answer. Most of the books I read have some sort of love in it. If they didn't, I don't think I'd like it. Spot on!

  17. Just blogging by, good answer.

  18. I didn't think of this aspect. Interesting answer.

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  19. I totally agree - I love reading a well written love-story, but definitely not insta-love! Good answer!

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  20. I agree, it must be so hard to write about those types of relationships and I really respect an author who can do it well :)

  21. Your blog name is adorable, as is your header picture! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am now following you back :)

  22. Thanks for stopping by this week, have a great weekend.

  23. That's a good answer. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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  24. Hi: Great blog title - and I like your style - my post at Happy reading, Ruby

  25. Old follower returning the visit! Love is pretty much a must-have for me, too. I had read so much post-Modernist joy-free literature in college, I gotta have my sweet love stories and happy endings when I read now. :-)

  26. Hopping through. Since I read mostly YA there aren't too many books about old flames getting back together. I'd like to read more.
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  27. Awesome post and I totally agree :)

    Happy reading and thanks for stopping by!

  28. I enjoy a good love story too! I am a new follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  29. Great answer, I totally agree, writing a good relationship is very difficult but man it's amazing when they pull it off. My favorite reads of all time definitely have killer love stories.

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  30. Ohhhh! I really love the love part of a story as well! Thanks for hopping by!

  31. Kick ass heroines for me, all the way!
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  32. You know what they say: love makes the world go round! I think it's a pretty important element.
    Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog

  33. I agree, love is very important in a story.

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    Megan @ Between the Lines

  34. Love is definitely one of my most important things too. Great answer!

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  35. Hello! I am a new follower!! Found you via the blog hop! Can't wait to read your posts!



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