Monday, February 6, 2012

Miscellaneous Mondays: Collectable Penguins

Last week's poll asked whether or not you collect things. Most of us do, but none of the voters admitted to being heavy collectors/pack rats! Very interesting.

This question came to me after helping my fiance move his childhood stuff out of his mother's house. Now, when I was a teenager we moved twice in the span of a year or so, and in that process I donated/sold/threw away most of my toys and things to make the moving process easier, so I just don't have very much of it anymore. Certainly nothing compared to his collections. He's got tons of toys--Sesame Street, the Muppets, Rugrats, Marvel action figures, the list goes books, games, movies, posters. Basically my reaction was "Holy crap!" I felt both envious and pitying, but my primary reaction was panic as to where we're going to keep it all--because apparently we're keeping quite a bit of it.

Now, I've collected a few things over the past few years--things that I particularly love. I have the penguins, of course, and I have my books. Even with the books, though, I only keep the good ones. They still overflow the shelves, but that's because I read so many good books! I have these guys--
--who I feel look really nice along side all of my fantasy/paranormal books. Who doesn't need a vampire doll and her werewolf boyfriend? So I guess I'm just as guilty of wanting to keep a few pointless objects, but I try to be sane about it.

What sort of things do you hold on to? Sentimental stuff? Knickknacks? Every book/movie you've ever read/watched? Nothing at all? Share your collections in the comments!

Miscellaneous Weekly Updates:

I finally got Josh to watch Tangled--and he loved it! A good Disney movie is a wonderful thing.

In TV news:
  • I watched the newest Supernatural and LOVED it, even though I could call the end just from the previews. Dean seems to always be the one to fall in neck deep with the monsters.
  • I'm still keeping up with Grimm, and enjoying it alright, but my GOD the overarching plot is moving slow. I hope it's building toward something climactic and awesome, because right now it's a B show for me.
  • I've been watching Merlin online, trying to catch up with it. I tend to multitask when I watch this show--I don't feel too attached to it, but it's nice to have on it the background. I'm not a huge nerd when in comes to Arthurian/Camelot legends, but I used to be. I think if your in an Arthur phase at present you'd really like this show, so I do recommend it. 
Don't forget that the 300 followers giveaway is still going on!

Lastly, the new poll is up--we're asking what types of movies you enjoy! Don't forget to vote! Happy Monday, and Happy Reading!


  1. The dolls are cute and I must say I love Tangled one of my favorite Disney movies!

    1. Thanks Katie! Tangled is pretty high up there on my list as well!

  2. Awww they are cute. I use to collect Beanie Babies like a little kid on steroids. I have two HUGE garbage bags stuffed with them. They are moving with me to wherever I go. hahaha.

    I haven't seen Tangled yet. =( I know, I know.*hides under rock*

    1. OMG, I collected an insane amount of Beanie Babies in my youth! I kept a few, but I gave the rest away to neighbor kids when we moved. The joy on their faces made me so happy for them that I really don't regret it. And it freed up room for new stuff!

      Seriously, you should see Tangled if you can. Such a fun movie.


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