Friday, March 1, 2013

Music Moment #1: Like a Friend by Pulp

I've done this before
And I will do it again
C'mon and kill me baby
While you smile like a friend
Oh and I'll come running
Just to do it again

 So, this is the song that I picked to kick off this whole music month thing. This song is a guilty pleasure for me, that now has special meaning because it's the song that hubby and I chose for our bridal dance at our wedding. If that sounds like an odd choice, well, I'm prone to those. It came about like this: I told Josh to pick a song, and for God's sake find a song that doesn't scream WEDDING CLICHE! This song was played over the finale of Venture Bro., so it was imbedded in his brain, and he suggested it. I loved it. It's not a wedding song, and it's funny and bittersweet and it actually captures many aspects of our relationship perfectly. We are friends--and lovers, and enemies, and we adore and annoy each other in near equal parts. So, yeah, we danced to this song. The fact that the music video is hilariously awful is a different, but no less important dimension of entertainment.

What book does this song remind me of? Anna and the French Kiss, for two reasons. One, because I was reading that book when we were planning the music for our wedding, and so it was part of my reading playlist at the time. Two, because Anna and Etienne are also friends, although they are much cuter than we are.

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