Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On Seed Competence: A Review of How to Get Over Your Ex. by Nikki Logan

How To Get Over Your ExToday I bring you another early example of Harlequin's Kiss line, which I still have so many high hopes for. Georgia is humiliated when her on-air radio proposal is turned down. When station manager Zander offers her a large sum of money to rediscover herself over the next year--in an effort to salvage his failed promotion--she's initially skeptical. But the temptation of free spy school and the vacation of her dreams is too much to turn down. With Zander accompanying her, she gets in touch with many new sides of herself, and is ultimately lead to try love again.

The primary thing that I initially felt would appeal to be about this book was the wish fulfillment aspect of all the things Georgia got to try. In my opinion, that aspect is underused. There were a couple of great vicarious experiences--belly-dancing and balloon rides, for example. Mostly, though, the book get's very introspective. It's not necessarily bad, but not as fun as I would have hoped.

Georgia was an incredibly likeable heroine--smart, introverted, and quirky. She knows herself, but is a bit insecure about how others see her. In coming to terms with that, she finds what she wants and realizes what lead her to the disastrous proposal in the first place. As her relationship with Zander develops, she realize that she wants lasting and permanent love, she just isn't sure whether she can have it with him.

Zander has some past wedding woes of his own. He's dealt with it by burying himself in work. Like Georgia, he's something of an introvert and a loner. The two are very well match in that respect. It's a lot of fun to see Zander forced to let someone else in.

Overall, this book had a lot of potential that it failed to completely live up to, but it was still more than decent. Light, fun, and worth the little time it will take you to read it. 4 star book.

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