Monday, December 5, 2011

Miscellaneous Mondays: Catching Up

This week the name of the game was multi-task, as I tried to complete as many mundane tasks as possible while also watching the shows and movies that I've really wanted to get caught up on. So, here follows an account of my adventures in TV land. But first, a personal anecdote.

Sometimes Plans Change...

This is the dress in question...
I don't know that I've mentioned before that I was to be a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding in May. In any case, that friend and her fiance broke things off over Thanksgiving break. It was one of those break-ups that, while shocking and sad, was really for the best.

Emotional drama aside, the incident has left me with what I'm referring to as The Dress Dilemma. Our bridesmaid dresses were bought and paid for months ago, and it's too late to return them. Thankfully it's not a fancy or expensive dress, as the wedding was to be a simple one. I thought about keeping it, because it's pretty close to my taste, and maybe it could be worn to a baby shower or wedding some day down the line...but I don't want my friend to see me in it, because she does NOT need the reminder. The other problem is that it's a tiny bit big--a size 4 was the smallest size available, and we had planned to get it altered because I'm very petite in the bust area.

Interestingly, when The Dress Dilemma was brought to the attention of certain male parties (who shall remain nameless), the reaction was "Oh just keep the damn thing!" Some people told me to donate it, but I don't know how useful a sundress would be to the city mission in the middle of winter. So I'm selling it on ebay, for way less than I paid for it, just to be rid of it.

I'm not trying to imply that this is some huge tragedy or frustration for me. It's just that life was going in one direction, took an abrupt left turn, and left me in a different situation where a dress became useless baggage. Things change.

What I've Been Watching

I got caught up on Terra Nova. I have to say, the novelty is starting to wear off for me on this one. It still has it's interesting aspects, and I'll keep watching it for now...But it's definitely my least favorite of the shows I watch (now that The Secret Circle has been taken off the list). It's starting to feel a lot like Lost used to, where they are constantly trying to build up to some big reveal that is never satisfying, and each episode adds a layer of ridiculousness until you can't even remember the point of the show. But I guess that's what happens when your shows entire premise is a location.

I am NOT caught up on Supernatural, having missed the mid-season finally do to impromptu napping. So don't spoil it for me. Seriously, I am prepared to fling penguins at you.

The last episode of Grimm that I saw featured Bluebeard as it's villain. It was a decent episode...But it felt a lot like Law and Order SVU with a slight paranormal element. This show has loads of potential, but it needs to get more confident with it's use of mythology and supernatural aspects. I think next week there will be two episodes, so I expect I'll have a lot to say about it. Incidentally, last year I read an erotica version of Bluebeard that I can't seem to find (if someone thinks they know, please send me the link). Anyway, the erotica version prompted me to read the originally version, and I enjoyed both equally.

I think Once Upon a Time is the show that I currently look forward to the most. I am well and truly aware that it's basically a soap opera with fairy tale characters. I don't care. I find it cozy, familiar, interesting, and occasionally surprising. I love the Disney references, I love the characters, and I love the storytelling style. This week's episode gave us a back story for Prince Charming (James) and I have to say, I'm loving his character.

Our Favorite Fantasy Creature!

 Dragons took the lead in this week's poll, with over 30% of the votes! I really love dragons. They're a part of all that great high fantasy that I really wish I read more of. Sometimes they're monsters, other times sidekicks, and sometimes heroes. Even the monster dragons are majestic and demand respect. So yeah, I wish their were more dragons in my books and movies.

This week's poll is a blood thirsty one--What's your weapon of choice when battling evil? Remember to vote on the right side of your screen! Have a great week, and Happy Reading!


  1. Oh, the dress is kind of a dilemma, but maybe one only a girl would understand? You don't want to hurt your friend, but--even though that dress is ADORABLE--it's not something you could wear every day. And it would have been pricy. Hope it sorts out :)

    And dragons are TOTALLY the best fantasy creature! I read The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde (I always say his name as Jasper Ffffffforde--mwaha!) this year, and I LURVED it. More people should read this book!

  2. I really never got into Terra Nova either. I don't know why but whenever a TV show is cast with all super attractive characters it turns me off. Like The Vampire Diaries. I love dragons too, especially after watching How to Train Your Dragon, but there's something about griffins that I adore.

  3. I agree with your observations on Grimm - loads of potential, but still working out exactly what kind of show it wants to be. Needs to start owning the paranormal, like Supernatural does.

    Dragons are fascinating, but I've had a difficult time finding a series about them that works for me. Closest I've come was Patricia Brigg's Dragon books, and they were just OK...

    Weapon of choice? Hmm. I think I just embrace the evil...keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right? ;) I'm too clumsy for actual self-defense!

  4. Sarah--Thanks for the recommendation! I'll definitely keep my eye out for that!

    Lan--Griffins are another creature I just don't see enough of! In fact I'm struggling to recall if they've ever come up in my reading at all.

    BJ--I am glad that I'm not the only person watching Grimm! I know that it's signed on for a full 22 episode first season, so that gives it 18 more episodes to grow and become awesome, which I hope it does.

  5. I'm pretty sure there's a Griffin in Alice in Wonderland? And *possibly* one, somewhere, in the Narnia Chronicles?

  6. Sarah--I'm not as knowledgeable about either Alice or Chronicles of Narnia as I should be...I thought there might have been one in Harry Potter, but nope, it was a hippogriff.

    My wikipedia adventures reveal that griffin legends originated from the discovery of a dinosaur fossil called Protoceratops. You learn something new every day...

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your friend but, as you say, sometimes these things are for the best. Very pretty dress but I can understand why you can't keep it!

  8. Chrissie--Thanks. It's really tough watching couples break up, even when it's really a good thing. Josh and I have watched a lot of relationships come and go, and it's scary stuff all around.


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