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On Trial: A Review of Crimson Frost by Jennifer Estep

Crimson Frost (Mythos Academy, #4)
                                                                                           The Mythos Academy books are in many ways derivative, in many ways nothing new, and yet I really find myself drawn to them to a greater degree than any similar story in the young adult world. I think this is a credit to Estep's writing style--it doesn't feel overly polished, and yet it's clever in a subtle way.

Crimson Frost is book 4, and we find our heroine on trial for the very crimes that she tried to prevent. She's accused of being Loki's champion, and the entire school turns against her (with the exception of her very closest friends, and Logan of course). Gwen knows that there is an active plot to put Loki in power, and a real traitor in their midst, and she must stop that plot even as she fights for her personal freedom.

I like Gwen, because she's very much an average teenage girl, but she has a personality. Among YA heroines, that's a rare quality. At this point in the story, Gwen is still settling into her role as champion, and struggling to be active in that role, when she's put on trial. The trial brings to light the fact that Gwen is a quiet but stubborn disobeyer of many rules, and it becomes kind of obvious that she has some issues with authority.We also see her learn a lesson in self sacrifice and faith, which fails to be gut-wrenching only because it's so easy to guess the outcome.

Estep shows a lot of skill in crafting a cast of supporting characters that amuse and intrigue. This book gives us a peak into Logan's history, and a whole new perspective on what his skills and abilities mean. I'm eager to see where his character development will go from here, as there were certainly some game changing events for both he and Gwen. Daphne and Carson are fantastic as well. The book also provides Oliver, a Spartan who Gwen recently learned is gay, with a love interest. It's starting to feel like the Scuby Gang, but hopefully it won't become too cheesie.

Ultimately, this is a good book in a good series from a great author. Even if your a bit jaded on the "magic school" type of stories, I would still recommend trying this one. There's a lot to like. 4 stars.       

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  1. I wasn't aware of this series, but it sure looks good! And yes, I like "magic school" stuff, so I might just like this too. I'm glad you enjoyed it and great review! :)

    Sarika @ The Readdicts


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