Monday, September 24, 2012

Misc. Monday: Cat Tales

For your Monday enjoyment, a quick update or two on my kitty.

Max has grown, and is harassing penguins all over the apartment. He doesn't really harm them, he just drags them from room to room. Especially the little ones. Cats=Bullies.

Max seems to hate the color red, and will attack things that have the audacity to be that color. Last time I painted my nails red, he clawed my hands until I looked like I'd been in a fight with a lawn mower. Or taken up self mutilating. Or punched my way out of a glass cage. Cat's hurt.

Even though Max is larger, he has no awareness of his size. He keeps knocking stuff over because he doesn't fit in places that he used to go. He also keeps trying to mount the hamster cage, and knocks over the stuff around it. Dwarthy has zero survival instinct, and climbs right up on the bars of the cage to sniff him. I've had to build an anti cat jumping barrier to prevent hamster harassment, and even that is only 90% effective.

Max is a piggie. We feed him twice a day, and every time he acts like he's starving. He also tries to steal my cheese. Not cool, dude. Cheese is for people.

Max is a super hero of cuddling. He's started growing his winter coat, which means he's extremely warm and fuzzy. And he's got a lion mane.  He likes to share my pillow, and lay on my chest in the morning. Cats are adorable.


  1. Avery is the same! He is full grown now and three months ago when I got him he fit in my hands! He eats a lot - 3 cans of food a day plus he gets to nibble on dry food. According to the can as a kitten he can have 4 cans a day lol pigs!! And yes I am also scratched all over lol kittens do hurt!

  2. Awww...your update makes me miss my cat, who lives with my parents. Stupid no-pets rule in my condo that won't let me get one!


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