Monday, April 9, 2012

Miscellaneous Mondays: Tippy the Love Triangle

All readers have their own set of pet peeves. Like, some people really hate cliffhangers and won't read a book if you warn them that there's a cliffhanger. If you're like me, you read it anyway, and then throw the book at unsuspecting by-standers out of frustration (sorry Josh). Some people can't handle infidelity. Stupid characters. Children in peril. Lazy characters. Awkward dialogue. Bad grammar. Slang. Dialect. Authors who fail to understand the anatomy of relevant body parts.

And then there's love triangles. *Sigh*

Here's the thing: love triangles keep showing up at various levels in tons of the books I read. It's a pet peeve for me. It's not a deal breaker, but it makes me grind my teeth it frustration. Like there was Mockingjay...

When I saw this on deviant art, my only thought was "If only!" But I digress...

I know readers for whom love triangles are deal breakers. So whenever I'm trying to recommend or warn off a book, I end up writing this extended paragraph--"It's a love triangle, and that bothers me a bit, but if it would bother you a lot, maybe don't read this book...." I'm sick of this. So I'm replacing that paragraph with this:

Meet Tippy the Love Triangle

Tippy is our new mascot. The noble mascot of love triangles everywhere. Don't hate Tippy. Tippy doesn't mean to hurt anyone. Tippy is just confused, and can't make up his mind.

And from now on, Tippy is going to take the place of my "this book has a love triangle, fml" paragraph. Anyone else is welcome to barrow him as necessary. Tippy has a hard time being exclusive.

I hope everyone's books are pet peeve free this week. Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Tippy is awesome and so cute! I can't help but agree that the whole love triangle can be overplayed! I'm okay if it's done right. But some authors seem to think it's a must have.

    1. Especially YA authors, if my observations are correct. I can't understand why, out of the hundreds of options for creating romantic tension, this is the one they default to over and over again.

  2. Oh, Tippy is so cute! And I love your comment about how he has trouble being exclusive LOL.

    I must admit that love triangles don't tend to bother me too much if they are done right. But others (like in the Hunger Games where I didn't really feel as though Katniss felt anything for either of the boys!) might as well not bother being there for all the romantic tension they provide!

    Great post :)

    1. The reason that love triangles are a pet peeve for me is that they occur with such frequency and used to create false romantic tension, but are not otherwise needed.

      That said, ANY trope can be good if it's written well. And I have gotten genuinely caught up is a love triangle book once or twice. Tippy has his place.

  3. This is hilarious! I know what you mean about tediously writing warnings for love triangle after love triangle, so Tippy is just epic.

    Like the commentors before me, I'm fine with love triangle if and only if they are done right. By that I mean I genuinely sympathize with the MC having to choose between them because I myself cannot make up my mind. If one is a clear choice or if I don't like either, then it's nothing but annoying.

    P.S. I'm a new follower here! *waves* Nice to meet you. :)

    1. Hi Linny! I'm glad you like Tippy.

      To me it's frustrating when one member of the triangle is clearly kind of a jerk. Especially when she ends up with the jerk. Gah...


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