Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blog Tour! A Review of Night Sky by Jolene Perry

In a nutshell, this book completely defied every expectation I had going into it.

The premise is this: Jameson has just had his heart broken (or at least bruised) by his best friend, Sarah. He's loved Sarah for years, but never told her so, and now she's dating another guy. Then he meets Sky, a beautiful Native American girl who messes with his head in the best possible way. Sky insists on an honest, open relationship, and on getting to know one another slowly and completely. But Sky also has some secrets, dark things she's not ready to share yet. Set in Las Vegas, this young adult contemporary romance is absolutely stunning.

Positive Comments

I absolutely love reading a romance from the guy's point of view. Jameson is incredibly likable, and so very real. I felt like I was in the head of an actual eighteen year old guy. A nice, sensitive eighteen year old guy.

The relationship building is perfect. Both Sky and Jameson mature and grow together as they discover their feelings for one another. I really enjoyed seeing Jameson figure out exactly what love means. He's a guy so, yes, he's horny, but he's also protective, kind, curious, and compassionate.

I liked Jameson's relationship with his parents, particularly his mother. His parents are at a troubled point in their relationship, and Jameson reacts exactly the way any teenager would. But what stood out for me is how much he worried for his mother and wanted to help her. That made me like him all the more.

I love the Las Vegas setting.

I appreciated the author's willingness to give her characters some serious, borderline tragic conflicts. Once Sky's background was revealed, I figured out that I wasn't just reading a fun light-hearted romance, but a thoughtful book that takes it's characters (and it's audience) seriously. I was near tears at several points.

Critical Comments

Some of the dialogue, particularly when Sky and Jameson first meet, came across as slightly forced to me. I kept thinking "No, a real person would never think to say that." Thankfully it improves as the book progresses.

Sky, while definitely a well written character, has her frustrating moments. She keeps huge, whopping secrets, while pressing Jameson for honesty about every little thing. She behaves in a sexually alluring manner, but (understandably) insists they move slowly. She's a mess of contradictions. It makes her seem more well developed, more real, but does detract somewhat from her likability.


Of course I recommend it! If you like contemporary romance, even a little, you'll like this book. It's smart, mature, and deeply emotional. 4.5 stars.

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  1. Chelsea, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the book. Thank you for the wonderful review.

  2. You are so welcome! I was just greatful for the opportunity to read it!


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