Monday, April 15, 2013

Misc. Monday: Scheduled Reading vs. Impulsive Reading

The Darkest Surrender (Lords of the Underworld #8)Good news everyone! I've been reading lately. I've been reading extensively. I've been finishing books in two days or less which, at the snail-like pace I go means a lot. I haven't been doing as well with the actual reviewing of these book, but hopefully this week I'll change that around.

Beyond Shame (Beyond, #1)Reading heavily in public and semi-private (e.g, breakroom at work), is and has always been an interesting experience for me. Someone always always wants to know what I'm reading. I've never gotten good at answering those questions with a non-offensive, non-awkward non-lie. You never know how judgmental the person making the inquiry is, and it's not like you can ask. "Before I answer, are you super religious? Prudish? Homophobic? Elitist, snobby? Are you going to use my answer to label me and shove me into a category according to carefully constructed schema?" That does happen. "Oh, she reads romance novels! She must be one of those lonely cat ladies!" You can always try to confuse and redirect by describing the least touchy aspects of the plot. "Oh, it's a story set in a dystopian future, in which this girl is kicked out of her community and has to survive in the much rougher outside world." There, I just described Beyond Shame without referencing anything that anyone would find offensive. The problem with over-describing is that many people will eventually ask you for a title, and they will eventually figure out that what you were reading is nothing like The Hunger Games, not at all.

The Sandman, Vol. 3: Dream CountryBut I digress.

You all know that I was going through a reading slump last month, and I really struggled with what felt like my brain rebelling against every book I opened. I don't know how it happened, but I kind of came out of it thinking, "Fuck it, I'm just gonna read whatever the hell I feel like reading now." And thus began the impulsive bout of book gorging such as I have not indulged in since before I started this blog. I've long been an eclectic reader and always been kind of a mood reader, but since starting my blog I've tried to keep the moodiness under control in the name of maintaining a varied and coherent review schedule. The thing is though, I don't think schedules are good for me right now. I've been finishing books faster and with more enjoyment because I start them with the childish glee of just pulling the shiniest book off the shelf (or out of the Kindle wishlist, as the case may be).

So, yeah, I think we're going to stay off the map for a little while. It should be fun, though I do apologize to any of my readers who have OCD or are inordinately fond of schedules. I will try to post a review schedule sometime soon, once they are written and I'm sure that they will be up on time. See you soon, and as always, Happy Reading!

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