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Guest Post: Guilded Wings by Amy Lignor

https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/?ui=2&ik=141447c2c5&view=att&th=13af53800dcb1c85&attid=0.1&disp=inline&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P-Y6MZlqJZBBAkoS0U876sR&sadet=1352777347342&sads=_YbI0DCYcJn9XIGuJSQm1AhHqTAGood Morning, people of the internet! Today we have an excerpt for Until Next Time, by Amy Lignor, as well as a guest post from the author! 


Another cold blast of air hit Anya’s body. She fell against the metal railing, waking her from her dreamlike state. Gregori, her ‘sheriff,’ had stayed by her side every moment of the last seven days, regaling her with tales of his future in the West of America. He’d spoken to her of strange heroes—distant icons who lived in a world of brilliant sun and red dust. He’d even told her of a boy called Billy the Kid, a name that made Anya shudder. She wondered how a kid, a mere child, could commit the atrocities that the dime novel had claimed. But Gregori had ignored her anxiety completely and babbled excitedly about unknown figures named Earp and Holliday—friends who’d supposedly taken on a slew of outlaws and cleaned up the territory, once again making it safe for the Americans who dwelled there.

Now, on the seventh day, Anya’s thoughts were jumbled about America. She wondered why they would write about such angry people, yet raise them up on pedestals and turn them into legends that their people would revere.

“They certainly must be a free society,” Anya mumbled. “Imagine, holding the good guys and their evil rivals in the same high esteem.”

Inside the Writer’s Studio…with Matthew!

One of my most favorite shows on television is “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” This is a show that’s presented to students of the Actor’s Studio Drama School at Pace University. I know there are a ton of interviews with celebrities but the host, James Lipton, uses a slow pace and makes these people who everyone is so bedazzled by seem like the regular, normal humans they are. At the end of the show, Lipton asks his guest ten questions that they have to answer for the audience.

I thought about what Matthew would say in a situation such as this because he likes to be talkative and outgoing; whereas Emily is more sedate and really likes to get out of a situation where the spotlight is on her just as fast as angelically possible. So, today, we’re going to sit down with Matthew and see what he has to say…

Host: Matthew, thank you for being here today.

M: You betcha! This is fun!

Host: Being a warrior must be an extremely difficult job, seeing as that you have to save everyone all the time. Don’t you ever think about having some time off?

M: Well, James… Can I call you James?

Host: Of course.

M: I actually really love the battle part of the whole thing. I mean, I’m basically the protection detail, whereas Emily really has the hardest part of the whole gig because she has to listen, interpret, find solutions - the really tough stuff. And she’ll never take a vacation, so my work never stops.

Host: You must have a great partnership. Is she at all hard to work with?

M: Well…we do have a great partnership. It’s been a long time since we first made our ‘appearance’ down here, and even though we’ve gone through some rough spots, to say the least, we’re still able to get the job done that we need to do.

Host: But…is she hard to work with?

M: James, it’s not your fault, because you really don’t know how we’re linked. But Emily can hear everything I say…and she’s really good with a sword when we head into the pit and battle things out. So, let’s just sya she’s strong, caring, has a big heart and (his voice drops down to a whisper) a big mouth when it comes to her sarcasm.

(Slap! Matthew’s head flies forward)

M: Ouch! See? I told you she could hear me. (He clears his throat.) By the way, you should know that she can open the gates of hell if she really wants to.

Host: (Perspiration breaks out on Lipton’s forehead.) Ready to move on to the questions?

M: I think it’s safer!

Host: What is your favorite word?

M: Beginning. I love the start of new things.

Host: What is your least favorite word?

M: Ending. When things are over, you always want to go back and change something you did.

Host: What turns you on?

M: (answers way too fast) Emily. (slap) OW! FINE! Umm…I love Dutch Apple Pie - that was a seriously great creation.

Host: What turns you off?

M: Being slapped in the back of the head.

Host: I bet… What sound or noise do you love?

M: It’s probably because of the job, but the acoustics are really good in Gabriel’s classroom, so when the swords clash, the sound is wicked cool.

Host: What sound or noise do you hate?

M: Crying. I wish people didn’t have to.

Host: What is your favorite curse word?

M: Ahh, James? We’re not allowed to do that. It’s against policy.

Host: Right, sorry. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

M: A Locomotive Engineer would be cool. I want to wear one of those caps and pull the cord that makes the train whistle.

Host: What profession would you not like to do?

M: Angel. Like I said…her job is tough.

Host: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

M: IF? Okay, well, Gabe and Mike are the ones we actually see when we head home, but I would like Him to hand me a piece of that Dutch Apple Pie and say: Good job! Now, get ready to do it again!
Host: Thank you for joining us today, Matthew. It was really great to meet you.

M: You bet! (Matthew looks around the room) I think Emily is your next guest so…good luck with that, James!

Host: (sighs) Yeah, thanks a lot…

Until Next Time, Everybody,

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  1. Chelsea, thanks for inviting Amy and the angels to stop by today :)

  2. Chelsea - thank you so much for having Gilded Wings be a part of your terrific site. I hope you and your readers love their new adventure!

  3. Very nice giveaway, I have never read any of the books but they do sound very interesting.


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