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On Snakes: A Review of Archangel's Storm by Nalini Singh

Archangel's Storm (Guild Hunter, #5)It would be impossible to review this book without mentioning the previous novels, and how very, very much I enjoyed them. Even book four, Archangel's Blade, who's hero I initially found terribly unappealing, managed to capture my full attention and more or less win me over. For this book the bar was set, if not overly high, at least well above the ground. It lives up to expectations quite nicely.

Jason overcame the most tragic of childhoods to become the most skilled spymaster known to angels or vampires. When the consort of archangel Neha is violently murdered, Jason is sent to investigate and prevent further bloodshed. But Neha will only allow Jason into her court under the condition that he swear a blood vow to the princess Mahiya.  The dark secret of Mahiya's birth has made her position in the court tenuous at best for her entire adult life. She longs to be free and start her own life out in the world. To earn this right, she plays the games of politics and survival.

Positive Comments

Going into this, I had no particularly strong feelings toward Jason one way or another, except that I knew he was all cool and mysterious. I really like him. He's got that tortured past, broken soul thing going on (love that), and yet he never gets really angsty. His abilities are beyond awesome, and they make the process of solving the mystery more intriguing.

I also really liked Mahiya. She's smart and brave, but she isn't the fighting alpha heroine that we've seen in the previous novels. Refreshing, yes? I like that she consciously tried to remain kind despite the cruelty around her.

I really liked the relationship building. I felt that Jason and Mahiya were well matched and had excellent chemistry. Their interactions never stuck me as cheesie. The sex scenes were hot and sweet, but did not devour the plot.

I ended up very drawn into the plot and finding out what was going on with the murder and the politics of the court. Even after you figure it out, the tension remains.

Critical Comments


My only real disappointment with this book was the resolution of the action/mystery plot. Of course I can't actually explain to you why I found it unsatisfactory (this being a spoiler free review). Suffice it to say, there's a build up to a moment that should have been a BIG DEAL, both in terms of character development for one of our protagonists and in terms of the overarching plot of the series...but then the guns are lowered and everyone goes home to fight another day. I already feel like that's saying to much, so...yeah, did not like that ending.



Paranormal romance fans, if you haven't read this series, go do it. Go do it now. You can thank me later. Oh, just one caution though, they are extremely gory. Some chapters are more like a horror novel than anything, so if you aren't cool with blood I'd avoid these. Otherwise, go get yourself a copy of Angels' Blood. 

For fans of this series, I don't think you'll be disappointed. I found myself pleased with it, and I think you will too. Of course, I think many of us are waiting for Illium's story, but until then...4 stars for this book.

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  1. I really like this one. It wasn't my favorite but it sure was different. Agreed with the ending, it should have been a huge fight but it turned out to be very disappointing.


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